Samsung Galaxy A35 5G vs Galaxy A15 5G: It is worth the extra money if you have it

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For those considering an upgrade or a new smartphone purchase, the Samsung Galaxy A35 5G stands out as a compelling choice over the Galaxy A15 5G, especially if you have a bit of extra cash. The key question for many is whether the additional features and enhancements in the A35 justify the higher price. In this article, we delve into the specifics of both models to help you decide if the Galaxy A35 5G is indeed worth the investment.

Design and Build Quality

The design and build quality of a phone significantly impact user experience, and here, the Galaxy A35 5G takes a clear lead. Both devices sport a sleek and modern aesthetic, but the A35 offers a more premium feel due to its glass back, compared to the plastic finish on the A15.

With the A35, you get:

  1. A higher quality glass back that offers a more luxurious feel.
  2. Better durability, thanks to more robust materials.
  3. Slimmer profile, making it more comfortable to hold and use.

If aesthetics and build quality are important to you, the extra cost of the A35 may well be worth it.

Performance and Hardware

Performance is another critical factor where the Galaxy A35 5G shines. This model features a more powerful chipset, ensuring smoother and quicker operation for every task you undertake. On the other hand, while the A15 5G is no slouch, it doesn’t quite measure up to the A35 in terms of raw performance.

The A35 5G advantages include:

  1. A more robust processor for better multitasking and gaming performance.
  2. Increased RAM capacity for more efficient operation.
  3. Enhanced graphics capabilities, which improve the overall visual experience.

For users who demand more from their smartphones, such as gamers or heavy multitaskers, the A35’s superior hardware offers a clear advantage.

Display and Multimedia Experience

The display is often one of the most noticeable differences between smartphone models. Here, the A35 5G boasts a superior Super AMOLED display, providing richer colors and deeper blacks than the IPS LCD of the A15 5G.

Key improvements in the A35’s display include:

  1. Higher resolution for sharper images and text.
  2. Better color accuracy and vibrance, making media consumption more enjoyable.
  3. Improved brightness levels, making it easier to use in bright environments.

For users who prioritize a superior viewing experience for videos, games, and other media, the A35’s upgraded display justifies the additional cost.

Samsung Galaxy A35 5G vs. Galaxy A15 5G: Should you invest in the pricier model?

Camera Quality

Camera performance can be a significant deciding factor for many smartphone users. The Galaxy A35 5G steps up with enhanced camera capabilities, allowing for better photos and videos compared to the A15 5G.

The A35’s camera advantages include:

  1. A higher resolution main sensor for clearer and more detailed shots.
  2. More advanced image processing for better low-light performance.
  3. Additional camera features, such as improved portrait mode and macro capabilities.

For photography enthusiasts or those who frequently capture moments, the A35’s superior camera system easily justifies the extra investment.

Battery Life and Charging

Battery life is crucial for a seamless mobile experience, and both the Galaxy A35 5G and A15 5G offer solid performance in this area. However, the A35 holds a subtle edge with slightly better battery life and faster charging capabilities.

Advantages of the A35 in terms of battery and charging are:

  1. Longer battery life under typical usage scenarios.
  2. Faster wired charging, reducing downtime.
  3. Better battery optimization software, improving longevity and efficiency.

For users who depend on their phones throughout the day, these battery and charging enhancements can be a significant plus, making the A35 a worthy consideration.


In conclusion, while the Samsung Galaxy A15 5G is a solid device offering good value for money, the Galaxy A35 5G provides several key improvements and enhancements that justify its higher price. With superior design and build quality, enhanced performance, a superior display, better camera capabilities, and improved battery life and charging features, the A35 stands out as a worthwhile investment for those who can afford the upgrade. Ultimately, if these factors align with your needs and preferences, the additional expense for the Samsung Galaxy A35 5G is indeed worth it.


1. Is the battery life significantly better on the Galaxy A35 5G compared to the A15 5G?

Yes, the Galaxy A35 5G offers slightly better battery life and faster charging capabilities than the A15. This makes it a more reliable option for users who need extended usage.

2. How much better is the display on the A35 compared to the A15?

The A35 features a Super AMOLED display, which provides richer colors, deeper blacks, and better overall visual experience compared to the IPS LCD of the A15.

3. Are the camera enhancements on the A35 worth the extra cost?

Absolutely, the A35 offers a higher resolution main sensor, better low-light performance, and advanced features, making it a better choice for users who prioritize camera quality.

4. Does the A35 provide a noticeable performance improvement over the A15?

Yes, the A35 has a more powerful processor and increased RAM, ensuring smoother multitasking, gaming, and overall faster performance compared to the A15.

5. Is the build quality of the A35 really superior to that of the A15?

Indeed, the A35 has a higher-quality glass back, offering a more luxurious feel and better durability compared to the plastic finish of the A15.