Google Pixel 8 vs Pixel 7a: Good things come in small packages

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When comparing the Google Pixel 8 and the Pixel 7a, it’s clear that both phones offer impressive features, yet they cater to slightly different audiences. The Pixel 8 builds on the powerful legacy of its predecessors while the Pixel 7a continues to provide high performance balanced with affordability. In this article, we’ll explore the distinctive features and improvements of these two devices.

Design and Display

The Pixel 8 and Pixel 7a maintain Google’s signature sleek design but bring unique elements to the table. The Pixel 8 offers a more premium feel with its refined materials and build quality. It features a stunning OLED display, which provides vibrant colors and deep blacks, crucial for a superior visual experience. On the other hand, the Pixel 7a is not far behind with its high-resolution display that competes well with other phones in its range. Although the 7a might lack some premium materials, it still offers a durable and attractive design, making it a strong contender for design-conscious users.

Performance and Hardware

Under the hood, both phones are equipped with robust hardware, but there are notable differences. The Pixel 8 comes with the latest Tensor G3 chipset, which promises faster performance and multitasking capabilities. In contrast, the Pixel 7a is powered by the earlier Tensor G2 chipset, which, while still powerful, shows a slight lag in extreme multitasking scenarios. Both models come with ample RAM, but the Pixel 8 edges out slightly with more advanced AI capabilities and better optimization, ensuring smoother daily use.

Camera Capabilities

The camera systems on Pixel phones have always been a major selling point, and the Pixel 8 and 7a are no exceptions. The Pixel 8 introduces an improved primary sensor that enhances low-light performance and color accuracy. Additionally, it offers advanced computational photography features that make professional-grade photos accessible to the average user. The Pixel 7a, while not as advanced, still offers exceptional photo quality with its dual-camera setup. It strikes a balance between high-quality imaging and affordability, perfect for the everyday photography enthusiast.

Google Pixel 8 vs Pixel 7a: Excellence in every small detail.

Battery Life and Charging

The longevity of a smartphone’s battery life is crucial for users who are always on the go. The Pixel 8 boasts a larger battery capacity and improved energy efficiency, which translates to longer usage time. Moreover, it supports fast charging and advanced wireless charging capabilities. The Pixel 7a, while slightly behind in terms of battery capacity, still offers robust battery life thanks to software optimizations. Both models ensure that users can get through their day without frequent recharges.

Software and Features

Google ensures that both the Pixel 8 and Pixel 7a come with the latest Android versions, packed with smart features and security updates. The Pixel 8, however, integrates more seamless Google Assistant functionality and exclusive features such as enhanced voice typing and real-time language translation. The Pixel 7a also offers a pure Android experience with essential Google features but lacks some of the exclusive tools found in the Pixel 8. For those who prioritize the latest advancements in software, the Pixel 8 shows a clear advantage.


In summary, whether you opt for the Google Pixel 8 or the Pixel 7a greatly depends on your needs and budget. The Pixel 8 offers more advanced features, better performance, and a premium feel, making it ideal for users who desire top-tier technology. Meanwhile, the Pixel 7a offers exceptional value with substantial features, ensuring high performance without breaking the bank. Both models illustrate that good things indeed come in small packages, each catering to different segments of smartphone users.


1. Which phone has a better camera, Pixel 8 or Pixel 7a?

The Pixel 8 has a better camera due to its improved primary sensor and advanced computational photography features, although the Pixel 7a still offers excellent photo quality for its price range.

2. What is the main advantage of Pixel 8 over Pixel 7a?

The main advantage of the Pixel 8 is its advanced Tensor G3 chipset, which provides faster performance and multitasking capabilities, along with exclusive software features and a more premium design.

3. Does the Pixel 7a support wireless charging?

Yes, the Pixel 7a supports wireless charging, but it might not be as advanced or fast as the wireless charging capabilities of the Pixel 8.

4. Are both phones water resistant?

Yes, both the Pixel 8 and Pixel 7a are water-resistant, ensuring protection against splashes and brief immersion in water.

5. Which phone offers better battery life?

The Pixel 8 offers better battery life due to its larger battery capacity and improved energy efficiency. However, the Pixel 7a still provides robust battery performance for most daily uses.