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The 12V-XTH inverter/charger has a continuous power rating of 2.5kVA up to an ambient temperature of 40°C. In addition, it has a 30 minute power rating of 3kVA,
and can deliver 7.5kVA for up to 5 seconds!
Thanks to this very high surge power capacity, it can supply without worries loads with a high start-up current
The battery charge current can be adjusted between 0 and 160Adc

The 24V-XTH inverter/charger has a continuous power rating of 4.5kVA,
a 30 minute power rating of 5kVA,
and can deliver 12kVA for up to 5 seconds
The battery charge current can be adjusted between 0 and 140Adc

The 48V-XTH inverter/charger has a continuous power rating of 7kVA (XTH6000: 5kVA)
a 30 minute power rating of 8kVA (XTH6000: 6kVA)
and can deliver 21kVA (XTH6000: 15kVA) for up to 5 seconds
The battery charge current can be adjusted between 0 and 120Adc (XTH6000: 100A)


RCC-02, RCC-03 remote control and programming center

battery status processor BSP

communication module Xcom-232i, equipped with a serial port RS-232

communication sets by internet with Xcom-LAN / Xcom-GSM

communication module Xcom-SMS

multi-protocol communication module Xcom-CAN

and more..

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    With its seemingly limitless programmable functions, the XTH offers unequalled flexibility compared to other products on the market.

    The transfer system is active when an AC power source (generatorpublic gridshore power…) is available at the AC input of the Xtender. The transition between inverter and transfer mode is achieved without any power cut and allows up to 50Aac of current to pass through to the loadsSimilarly, the transition between transfer and inverter mode is extremely fast (max 15ms), which makes the Xtender suitable for many UPS (uninterruptable power supplyapplications

    The Smart-Boost function allows the Xtender to assist the AC source via the inverter functionThis way, the currents from both sources (AC-in and inverter) are combined to deliver the energy required by big loads if the loads are more than the AC source can supply

    The injection function allows the Xtender to send energy to the gridThis function is especially useful in energy storage systems where either the excess energy is injected to the grid, or a specific current is injected at a specific time of the day.

    The Xtender has two auxiliary contactsconfigured by default for the automatic start of a generator and the alarm function.

    In addition, the Xtender can be equipped with a remote entrywhich can be used to change functions or control the system externally.

    Monitoring and control onsite or remotely is possible with the RCC-02/03 remote control or with the LAN, GSM or SMS interfaces. Detailed information on all Xtender accessories can be found on the corresponding section of the website.

    The Xtender communication bus is shared with the MPPT solar charge controllers of the VarioTrack and VarioString series. Inverters and charge controllers are synchronized to ensure an optimum charge of the battery and use of available energy.

    Features and performances

    • True sine wave voltage
    • Reliable and silent with any kind of load
    • Outstanding overload capabilities
    • Smart-Boost function for assistance to the source even with difficult loads
    • Automatic reduction of peak loads (power shaving)
    • Multi-stage programmable battery charger with PFC (Power Factor Correction)
    • Stand-by level adjustable over a large range and from a very low threshold
    • Ultra-fast transfer relay
    • Control by digital signal processors (DSP)
    • High efficiency
    • 5-year warranty

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