Studer Xcom-SMS

€ 345.10

Communication module Xcom-SMS

Communication module Xcom-SMS

The easiest access to remote energy systems

Xtender and/or VarioTrack/VarioString systems can now be constantly controlled from a mobile phone or smartphone from anywhere in the world. The communication device Xcom-SMS allows for connections to sites with a GSM (2G) coverage.

The Xcom-SMS is a cost effective add-on to your system easy to install and a plug-and play solution. It  provides a secured access to your installation by the simplest way: sending or receiving SMS to your remote power system.

Its extended features include:

  • Periodic or on demand operating reports  
  • Selectable system´s event/alarm messages
  • Start / Stop the device 
  • Control the auxiliary relays
  • Access to the parameters (Read & Write)
  • Reading the system information data
  • Changing the access code 
  • Periodic reports and system alarms
  • Datalogging on SD card

With the Xcom-SMS and a local prepaid SIM card (not supplied), there is no need for internet access and/or fast 3G/4G connection to securely have the full control of the targeted energy system: A basic GSM (2G) coverage in enough to simply send your demand by SMS and get a reply within seconds!  

So easy, so secure! A must in every system, brings added value through full remote control!

... With a simple prepaid SIM card ...

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