Studer Xcom-LAN

€ 464.10

Communication set Xcom-LAN
The set includes one Xcom-232i, one Ethernet port and all necessary accessories

Xtender, VarioTrack and VarioString systems can now be constantly controlled from any remote terminal, computer, tablet or smartphone. The communication sets Xcom-GSM and Xcom-LAN allow connecting to sites with GSM mobile coverage or with internet-connection over a local network. 

Studer Innotec provides this «plug-and-play» solution using a secure server and a simple and user-friendly interface. 

The interface allows for remote interaction with the installation exactly as if on-site with the remote control RCC-02/-03, including: access to all parameters, real-time display of measured data of all devices included in the system and access to the last 30 days of log files.

Furthermore this solution makes it possible to consult the system’s event log at any time. It also allow users to configure alarm messages to be sent to one or more persons by e-mail or SMS. Any loss of internet connection can be indicated.

Xcom-LAN or Xcom-GSM?
Studer Innotec offers two different communication sets for providing access to the installation via internet. The available means of communication at the location of the installation will determine which set to choose.

If the installation has access to internet through a local area network (LAN), choose the Xcom-LAN set. If there is no available connection to the internet but access to a GPRS or 3G mobile network*, choose the Xcom-GSM set. 

* the compatibility should always be verified with the mobile phone network operator 

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