Studer X-Connect 3-Phase XTH8000-48-3

€ 25,370.80

3-Phase-System Studer XTH8000-48-3 plus X-Connect

Input 48V, output 230/380V

The system comprises 3 Studer inverter/chargers XTH8000-48, prewired X-Connect, 2 connection cables CAB-RJ45-8-2,  remote control RCC-02 and battery temperature sensor BTS-01.

Optional: Battery cables, specify length.

The pre-wired mounting offers a flexible and cost effective solution for high power systems (up to 63 kVA) based on the XTH inverter/charger.

The frame is supplied with :

  1. Pre-installed DC circuit breakers.
  2. Pre-installed DC fuses.
  3. Pre-installed DIN rails.
  4. Interconnection pipes and gland for auxiliary contact wiring.
  5. Interconnection pipes and gland for AC wiring.
  6. Interconnection pipes and gland + 90 mm2 wire terminated with appropriates ring tongues for DC wiring from Xtender to breakers and fuses.

With screw set for the frame assembly.

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