Studer VarioString

PV-String MPPT Solar Charger VS-70 and VS-120

Recommended PV power [W]Battery voltage Unom [V]PV voltage U [V]Max charge current Imax [A]
VS-120 7000 48 250-500 parallel / 500-750 series 120
VS-70 4200 48 250-500 70
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Studer VarioString
Studer VarioString

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    With the MPPT solar charge controllers of the VarioString series, the solar installations will see their costs optimised while at the same time guaranteeing a better than average solar production and keeping the battery in the best condition possible.

    An exceptional device
    The installation costs of the solar generator are significantly reduced thanks to the elevated PV input voltage range. It is this unique characteristic that permitted the VarioString to win the internationally renowned "Solar Award" in the category "BOS", Balance Of System.

    Despite the conversion from a high voltage solar (600-900V) to 48V battery voltage, and galvanic isolation between the PV and battery, the VarioString achieves an efficiency >98%: the highest efficiency in the world in its category.

    The VarioString is designed to be used in all types of solar systems, and the combination of the VarioString + Xtender results in a highly efficient system. The communication between the devices permits the synchronisation of the battery charge cycle regardless of the technology (lead acid, lithium, nickel, etc...). Unlike other all-in-one hybrid solutions, the VarioTrack + Xtender allows to independently select the appropriate capacity of solar PV and inverter/charger, resulting in a more finely tuned system design.

    Features and performances

    • Reduces Balance of System costs (eliminates expensive wiring for parallel strings, saving wires, connectors, junction boxes, fuses, space, time, etc.)  
    •  Safe, simple and trouble free connection with SUNCLIX™ (Phoenix Contact “tool free”) PV connector
    •  Safety, guaranteed, thanks to the reinforced isolation between the PV generator and battery and between the two PV inputs of the VS-120. This allows for independent earthing of the battery and/or solar modules*.
    •  World champion for efficiency in isolated converter with >98 % conversion efficiency
    •  7kW per unit and up to 15 units in parallel: 105kW
    •  4 step charger fully programmable for longer battery life
    •  9 LEDs to monitor status and current
    • Full display, configuration and data acquisition with RCC-02/03 and/or via the internet with the Xcom LAN/Xcom-GSM or via SMS with Xcom-SMS

    * Many manufacturers recommend that one of the poles of the solar generator be earthed to avoid PID (Potential Induced Degradation). It has been shown that this degradation can rapidly reach up to 60% of the initial power.

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