SmartHarvest Charge Controllers

SmartHarvest MPPT and PWM Solar Chargers

• Four-stage, temperature compensated battery charging
• Battery type selection via jumper
• Operating temperature range from -40 to 60 oC • IP20 rating
• RS485/USB Converter • Load control: light/light+timer • Build in data logging
Additional Features MPPT Series:-
• Battery voltage control via sense wire • Charge voltage adjustment via battery temperature sensor

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SmartHarvest Charge Controllers
SmartHarvest Charge Controllers

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    SCCM20-100, SCCM10-100 MPPT Charge Controller:

    The most efficient, high-yield battery charging technology available, at a price normally associated with PWM designs.

    In any PV/solar energy system with energy storage, performance is dependent on the batteries, and the batteries in turn entirely depend on the charge controller for charging efficiency and longevity. SmartHarvest makes it possible for a wider range of PV solar electricity systems to take full advantage of premium Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charging technology with the SCCM20-100—MPPT, for the price of the usual Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) style products generally found in smaller-scale systems.

    The SmartHarvest SCCM20-100 improves system economics in several ways. It is designed for installation and set-up simplicity, reducing labor time in the field. By maximizing solar energy harvesting under a wider variety of environmental conditions, MPPT technology helps the system extract as much electricity as possible for more effective energy storage. It is ideal for use in a wide-range of residential, light commercial, agricultural, community and other applications that can benefit from better yields through more advanced charge controller technology.

    Please note SmartHarvest by OutBack products are not designed for connection with OutBack communication devices. For more information on product capability, please contact sales or technical support.

    Product Highlights

    • 20A/100V Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller
    • Ensures maximum yield from available solar energy
    • Integrated LED display for PV and battery status
    • Built-in electronic protection circuitry
    • Backed by OutBack Power's global sales and support network

    SCCP10-050, SCCP05-050 PWM Charge Controller:

    The most cost effective option for integrating energy storage into PV system design.

    With the goal of making an elegant, proven system power electronics type even better, SmartHarvest has elevated the PWM baseline with its SCCP charge controllers to give every system the benefits of both high-efficiency and economy.  PWM charge controllers use advanced digital signal processing to anticipate battery charging needs and affect the right amount of control.

    The SCCP10-050 is an excellent choice for smaller systems operating under consistent solar conditions where utilizing an economical PWM technology helps to allocate more of the system bedget to energy-producing components such as additional panels.  The SCCP10-050 is not only the right tool for the job, but the right investment over the life of the system through dependable, long-term performance engineering by SmartHarvest.

    Product Highlights

    • 5A/50V Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) charge controller for specific charging applications
    • PWM technology for the right balance between economy and performance
    • Integrated LED display
    • Backed by OutBack Power's global sales and support network

    on request:

    The SmartHarvest SRTS-6M Remote Temperature Sensor improves battery charging by providing an accurate indication of battery temperature.

    When used with SmartHarvest products, it adjusts battery charging thresholds to prolong battery life and reduce service cycles. In higher ambient temperatures, battery charging regulation settings will be automatically reduced to prevent overcharging of the batteries.

    Product Highlights

    • Improves battery charging
    • Prolongs battery life
    • Reduces service cycles
    • Prevents overcharging
    • Compatible with SmartHarvest MPPT charge controllers

    on request:

    The SmartHarvest's SCOM-USB is a communication module that establishes hardware interface between any SmartHarvest series charge controller to a Windows operating system computer (PC).

    The SCOM-USB is a custom-built, isolated, 2 wire and half duplex RS-485 to USB converter with CE and ROHS compliance. It is used with PC-RMS, the front-end software, to monitor and control various parameters of the charge controller.

    Product Highlights

    • Universal device to interface to any SmartHarvest series product
    • Reliable communications with auto reconnect
    • Fully isolated hardware
    • No external power adapter required (uses the USB port power)
    • Compatible with all versions of Windows (XP to 10)
    • Distance from charge controller to SCOM can be up to 50 meters
    • For easy installation: provided USB mini connector (female) for PC-connection and RJ45 connector (female) for the charge controller connection
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