FLEXmax Micro Solar Chargers

MPPT Solar Charger FLEXmax Micro Series

30A and 40A sizes for 12V/24V applications
Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology
• Four-stage, temperature compensated battery charging for optimized battery life
• Unique, die-cast aluminum chassis designed to provide natural, passive dissipation, increasing operating efficiency
• Operating temperature range from -35 to 55 oC
• Voltage thresholds field programmable
• IP30 rating • RS485 / RJ45 Interface • Load control: manual/light/light+timer/time

Optional Remote Control (Mate Micro)

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FLEXmax Micro Solar Chargers
FLEXmax Micro Solar Chargers

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    MPPT Solar Charger FLEXmax Micro Series


    »» 12V/24V automatically identified or user-defined working voltage.

    »» Cast aluminum chassis provides excellent heat dissipation.

    »» Advanced maximum power point tracking technology optimizes the PV system, providing peak conversion efficiency as high as 98%.

    »» The controller provides the industry’s highest tracking efficiency of 99%.

    »» Widely used with automatic recognition during the day or at night.

    »» Several load methods are supported for different demands.

    »» Supports multiple load control modes: manual, light (on/off), light (on/off/timer), and time-controlled.

    »» Supports 4 charging options: Sealed, Gel, Flooded and User-defined.

    »» The FLEXmax 30/40 Series compensates for temperature and corrects the charging and discharging parameters automatically, improving the battery life.

    »» The FLEXmax 30/40 Series offers protection from high temperatures, over charging, PV and load short, PV (battery) revered, and over current.

    »» Actual power and record function provides the convenience to check the date every day, every month and every year.

    »» RS-485 ports via the open standard Modbus protocol are supported to meet several different demands.

    »» With supporting PC monitoring software and remote meter Mate Micro, it is convenient to check the real-time data of controllers as well as set parameters.

    »» Supports firmware update.

    The FLEXmax 30/40 charge controller charges and discharges the batteries in off grid solar applications. The smart tracking algorithm of the controller maximizes PV cell energy returns. A low voltage disconnect function (LVD) prevents the battery from over discharging. The FLEXmax 30/40 charging process optimizes battery life and improves overall system performance. The self diagnostic and electronic protection features minimize possible damage from installation mistakes or system faults. The FLEXmax 30/40 RJ45 interfaces can communicate with other system components.

    Optional Accessories

    1. Remote Temperature Sensor (Model: RTS Micro) Acquires the battery temperature to undertake temperature compensation and control parameters. The standard cable length is 3m (length can be customized). The RTS micro connects to port number 3 on the controller

    2. Remote Meter (Model: Mate Micro) The digital remote meter displays system operating information, error indications, and self-diagnostics. Information is displayed on a backlit LCD display that is easy to read, with large buttons allowing easy navigation through the meter menus. The meter can be flush mounted in a wall or frame. The Mate Micro (standard edition) is supplied with a 2 meter long cable. The Mate Micro connects the FLEXmax 30/40 series with the RJ45 interface.

    3. USB to RS-485 Converter (Model: FM Micro Comm Cable) The USB to RS-485 converter is used to monitor each controller on the network using the OB Micro Series PC software to update the firmware. The length of cable is 1.5m. The FM Micro Comm Cable connects to the RS-485 to port number 7 on the controller. Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology Due to the nonlinear characteristics of solar array, there is a maximum energy output point (Max Power Point) on its curve. Traditional controllers, with switch charging technology and PWM charging technology, can’t charge the battery at the maximum power point, so the maximum energy available cannot be harvested from the PV array, but the solar charge controller with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Technology can lock on the point to harvest the maximum energy and deliver it to the battery.

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