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FXR Series Inverter/Chargers

FX-InvertersOutBack Power Does it Again
With the introduction of the FXR Grid/Hybrid Series inverter/charger, OutBack makes it easy to select an inverter that will meet renewable energy needs today and into the future. The FXR combines the capabilities of both an off-grid and grid interactive inverter into a single unit - meaning one inverter will work in the majority of installations. And, should energy and utility scenarios change, there is no need to replace anything - the smarter FXR inverter can make the change with nothing more than simply reprogramming.

Same Legendary Look... New On-Board Technology
The FXR starts with the best features of the FX platform - pure sine wave output, cast aluminum chassis, advanced internal heat management - and adds cutting-edge features including:

  • GridZero Technology
  • Advanced Battery Charging
  • Seven Programmable Operating Modes
  • Remote Monitoring AND Control with OPTICS RE via MATE3
  • True Grid/Hybrid Performance

The Bottom Line
The FXR simplifies the inverter/charger landscape with a family of 12 inverter models that can handle virtually any renewable energy scenario, off-grid or grid-interactive, 50 Hz or 60Hz, 120V or 230V.

Radian Inverters/Chargers

Radian colorizedWith all the hallmark features you've come to expect from the Radian Inverter/Charger, the expanded Radian family now includes four new models with specific models designed to meet the unique requirements of the world's different regions.  Each new model offers seven operating modes and two advanced, future-ready technologies, including GridZero Technology.

GridZero Technology, the newest of the Radian's seven input modes, provides the perfect balance between utility power and stored renewable energy.  By allowing a home or business to satisfy most of its power needs with renewable sources grid supplied power is only tapped when load demand exceeds a pre-set threshold.  While the Radian is still grid-connected, grid dependence can be reduced to zero whenever possible.

All of this means the Radian offers unmatched performance, reliability, value and system flexibility today and into the future.

Special Application Models

OutBack's special application models are optimized for various situations requiring either rugged design for harsh environmental conditions, or extremely low power requirements. 

The OutBack Extreme Series Inverter/Charger is built from exceptionally rugged components not available in regular commercial “off-the-shelf" inverter/chargers. The water-resistant Extreme Series inverters are designed and ideally suited to survive harsh environmental conditions including shock and vibration.

The OutBack true sine wave GFX International Series Inverter/Charger is a competitive power solution designed for applications with lower power demands. Incorporating a DC to AC sine wave inverter, battery charger and AC transfer relay housed within a die-cast aluminum chassis, the International Series GFX Inverter/Charger gives you the ability to sell solar, wind or hydro power back to the utility grid while providing instantaneous backup power in the event of a utility outage.


OutBack's Mobile and Marine Inverter/Charger models provide high performance and reliability wherever your travels take you. The die-cast metal construction allows mounting in any position, even upside down.

The required AC input neutral/ground switching is taken care of by a fully-integrated 30 Amp AC transfer switch for shore chord or generator hook-up. Three circuit boards and a simple design allow simple field servicing in any location. Rigorous factory testing ensures each inverter/charger exhibits efficiency and reliability on the first day of operation, as well as for many years to come. 

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