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Outback Power Inverter / Chargers

FX Series

The FXR starts with the best features of the FX platform - pure sine wave output, cast aluminum chassis, advanced internal heat management - and adds cutting-edge features including:

  • GridZero Technology
  • Advanced Battery Charging
  • Seven Programmable Operating Modes
  • Remote Monitoring AND Control with OPTICS RE via MATE3
  • True Grid/Hybrid Performance

The FXR simplifies the inverter/charger landscape with a family of 12 inverter models that can handle virtually any renewable energy scenario, off-grid or grid-interactive, 50 Hz or 60Hz, 120V or 230V.


GridZero Technology, the newest of the Radian's seven input modes, provides the perfect balance between utility power and stored renewable energy.  By allowing a home or business to satisfy most of its power needs with renewable sources grid supplied power is only tapped when load demand exceeds a pre-set threshold.  While the Radian is still grid-connected, grid dependence can be reduced to zero whenever possible.

FLEXpower Systems

FLEXpowerTwoOutBack's pre-assembled and pre-wired power systems, featuring the FXR and Radian Series Grid/Hybrid inverter/chargers, take the concept of fast, easy installation to a new level of performance, value and flexibility. Just install the mounting bracket, hang the system on a wall, make the necessary connections, and the system is fully operational.

All of this means the Radian offers unmatched performance, reliability, value and system flexibility today and into the future.

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Studer Inverter / Chargers

Xtender Series

Flexible and programmable inverter/chargers. Inverter power from 0.5kVA to 72kVA, single or three-phase. Multi-functional devices with an effective battery charger, an extremely fast transfer mode and a reliable source assistance. For 12, 24 or 48V battery banks.

The Xtender series is comprised of three groups by power level corresponding to the XTS, XTM and XTH models. Whether configured individually, in parallel, split-phase, or three-phase, these devices allow for complete flexibility with respect to the desired energy system concept.

The Xtender is a true energy manager, unique and compact, that has 5 main functions. It can be an off-grid inverter, battery charger, current injector, transfer system and provide support to an AC source. With these functions, the available energy can be managed and used in an intelligent and efficient manner.

XPC Series

Inverter/chargers are multi-functional devices that allow to supply an AC voltage from a battery, the charge of the battery from an AC source and a transfer function when an AC source is available. 

The Compact series includes devices with a power level ranging from 1.1kVA to 4kVA that allow for optimal use of available energy, either as an off-grid inverter, battery charger or solar charge controller. This range of robust products ready to be used offers an excellent price/efficiency relationship.

C and HPC series are still available, however, we would recommend to use the Xtender (see below).

Studer Inverters

AJ Series

Inverters with power from 0.2kVA to 2.4kVA, for 12, 24 or 48V batteries with a unique battery protection function. An optional built-in solar charge controller is available, making an “all-in-one” inverter.

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