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Nickel–Iron Battery

The Nickel–Iron Battery (NiFe Battery) is a rechargeable battery having nickel(III) oxide-hydroxide positive plates and iron negative plates, with an electrolyte of potassium hydroxide. The active materials are held in nickel-plated steel tubes or perforated pockets. It is a very robust battery which is tolerant of abuse, (overcharge, overdischarge, and short-circuiting) and can have very long life even if so treated. It is often used in backup situations where it can be continuously charged and can last for more than 20 years. (Wikipedia)

Customize Your NiFe Battery

EnergyCell Nano-Carbon

With limited sun hours for proper recharging of standard deep cycle batteries, the need for a Partial State of Charge (PSoC) technology is greatly needed. This advanced technology will allow for extended life of a battery in self-consumption applications. Nano-Carbon offers all the safety and convenience of a VRLA battery with the cycling benefits of advanced energy storage. Operation of Nano-Carbon in an application where full battery recharges aren’t always possible, like off-grid or areas of the world with limited sun hours, can maximize your overall cycle life by up to 44% versus a traditional VRLA deep cycle battery. The Nano-Carbon is an enhanced and optimized negative active material formulation which makes it more than just a carbon additive. The high surface area carbon is a specially formulated additive for improving the negative active material in lead-acid batteries. Carbon increases conductivity and adds additional capacitance to the battery. Nano-Carbon improves charge efficiency and allows PSoC operation with improved deep discharge recovery.

Nano-Carbon Battery Bank

EnergyCell RE Batteries

While earning the distinction as a leader and pioneer in off-grid and grid-interactive renewable energy applications, OutBack Power has consistently offered reliable, high quality power conversion electronics. OutBack continues its pioneering heritage by offering a full-line of energy storage solutions, including the EnergyCell RE family of renewable energy application batteries.
Engineered for high power density renewable energy cycling applications, and featuring advanced Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) construction, the EnergyCell RE family of maintenance-free batteries is available in front terminal, top terminal and high capacity configurations to cover most energy storage scenarios.

EnergyCell RE Battery Bank

EnergyCell OPzV

EnergyCell OPzV is an energy storage battery developed for applications requiring regular deep cycling.
Maintenance-free energy storage solution that offers significant benefits in terms of cost per cycle, combined with the highest level of reliability and performance even for remote installations where long discharges occur and excellent recharging properties are essential. Optimum design, exclusive use of high quality materials, robust construction and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes make EnergyCell OPzV batteries an ideal solution for demanding Renewable Energy Storage applications.

OPzV Battery

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